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Know Your Value

Aging parents and deferred maintenance – do whatever you can to be involved and aware of the status of your family’s assets. Early and constant upkeep and maintenance will be much less costly

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BETTER AIR QUALITY – AESTHETICALLY PLEASING – POSSIBLY EDIBLE – SOUND ABSORBINGA few years back, I was trying to help a project in an environmentally sensitive area get approved because I

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Reach UP To A New Lifestyle

Have you taken a good look at your lifestyle recently?Are you living where you want to? Do you often think, what if...?DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR HOME IS WORTH TODAY?You can get a free online

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Spring Blooms In California

GOTTA LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!New Scenic HighwaysCalTrans just published a list of newly designated scenic highways in California - which I believe is very good news.  Included is a portion of

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